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Welcome to INTERMAG 2021

Dear Colleagues,

The INTERMAG 2021 Conference was due to be held in Lyon, France, 26-30 April 2021. Very unfortunately, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic crisis imply that there is a considerable uncertainty about the ability and willingness of our attendees to travel internationally. Owing to this uncertainty, the INTERMAG 2021 Management Committee, with the approval of the IEEE Magnetics Society Conference Executive Committee, has decided to change the conference format from a face-to-face meeting to a virtual one.

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Important Dates

  1. October
  2. 23rd Invited Speaker & Symposia Nominations Site Opens
  3. November
  4. 18th Invited Speaker and Symposia Nominations Deadline EXTENDED
  5. 20th Digest Submission Site Opens
  6. January
  7. 10th Digest Submission Deadline EXTENDED
  8. 10th Best Student Presentation Award Application Deadline EXTENDED
  9. February
  10. 2nd Conference Registration Opens
  11. 2nd Magnetism as Art Submission Site Opens
  12. 12th Author Notifications Sent
  13. March
  14. 1st Manuscript Submission Site Opens
  15. 19th Manuscript Submission Deadline EXTENDED
  16. 19th Presentation Upload Deadline
  17. 19th Registration Deadline for Presenters & Session Chairs
  18. April
  19. 13th Magnetism as Art Submission Deadline
  20. 19th On-Demand Content Available for Viewing
  21. 26th Conference Begins
  22. 30th Conference Ends

Special Conference Events and Sessions

12th MRAM Global Innovation Forum

This Forum will feature ten on-demand invited talks and a live Q&A panel discussion where the speakers will discuss such topics as what we need to do bring MRAM to next level, and what breakthroughs do we need to make MRAM (or spintronics) an integral part of CMOS electronics at advanced nodes?. The launching of volume production of STT-MRAM by major microelectronics companies marks the adoption of this hybrid CMOS/magnetic technology by microelectronics industry. This constitutes a major achievement for spintronics R&D which opens further perspective of spintronic applications. This one-day Forum will give an overview of the present status of industrial MRAM development and discuss the foreseen evolutions.

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IEEE Magnetics Society Award Ceremony and Plenary Session

The IEEE awards ceremony will recognize awardees from both 2020 and 2021.

    Antiferromagnetism: Celebrating 50 years since the Nobel Prize
    Ivan K. Schuller, Distinguished Professor of Physics Chair, Center for Memory and Recording Research, University of California, San Diego

    From Spin-Resolved Atomic-Resolution Imaging to Magnetic Materials and Devices by Design
    Roland Wiesendanger, Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Hamburg

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Tutorial: Magnetism and the Environment

    Magnetic Refrigeration
    Oliver Gutfleisch, TU Darmstadt

    Motors in Electric Vehicles
    Keisuke Fujisaki, Toyota Technological Institute

    Circular Economy for Magnetic Materials
    Kiril Mugerman, Geomega Resources

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Meet the Experts

Students and post-doctoral researchers are invited to attend Meet the Experts. This event provides young researchers with the exclusive opportunity to participate in a small-group video discussion (limited to 20 students per expert) and get expert advice on career planning, technical paper writing and publication, job searches and interviews, society involvement, and more. To ensure the integrity of the small-group discussion, space at this event will be limited and advance registration required.

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Women in Magnetism Networking Event

Expand your professional network! Don’t miss the Virtual Women in Magnetism Networking Event. This is an opportunity to become acquainted with women in the profession and to discuss a range of topics including leadership, work-life balance, and professional development. All students, researchers and retirees are encouraged to attend.

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Special session: "Entrepreneurship: Launching a Start-up Company"

This special session will feature three speakers from Europe, USA and Asia, who will share their experience in launching a start-up company.

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Magnetism as Art Showcase

INTERMAG 2021 will host a Magnetism as Art Showcase to highlight the beauty of magnetism and magnetic materials. Selected submissions will be displayed on the Conference website. Four finalists will be determined by popular vote and of those finalists, one winner will be selected by a panel of judges.

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