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Best Student Presentation Award

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Congratulations to the Intermag 2021 Best Student Presentation Award Winner!

Fanfan Meng, University of Cambridge
JI-05. Non-planar geometrical effects on the magnetoelectrical signal in a 3D nanomagnetic circuit

Congratulations to the Intermag 2021 Best Student Presentation Award Finalists!

Libor Vojáček, SPINTEC, Central European Institute of Technology
CF-04.  Giant Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Enhancement in MgO-Based Magnetic Tunnel Junction by Using Co/Fe Composite Layer

Jonas Zehner, IFW Dresden, Technische Universität Dresden
FE-04. Voltage control of Néel domain wall interactions and pinning sites

Pieter Gypens, Ghent University
GB-13. Nanomagnetic Self-Organizing Logic Gates

Sabpreet Bhatti, Nanyang Technological University
HB-11. Enhancement of Skyrmion Density achieved via Interface Engineering

The IEEE Magnetics Society Best Student Presentation Award recognizes and encourages excellence in graduate studies in the field of magnetism. There will be a US$1,000 prize and certificate for the winner and US$250 prize and certificate for the remaining finalists. Conference attendees are encouraged to attend the talks and support these young scientists.


  • The nominee must be a full time graduate student expecting to  graduate within one year of the Conference. Postdoctoral fellows,  undergraduates or non-students are not eligible.
  • The student's area of research may either be theoretical or experimental in any of the general technical and scientific areas normally presented as part of the Conference.
  • The student's regularly submitted digest must have been accepted as  an oral presentation through the standard digest review process by the  Conference Program Committee as an oral presentation, and the student  must present the work at the Conference.
  • Preference will be given to students and their advisors who are current members of the IEEE Magnetics Society.
  • Up to five finalists will be selected based on the accepted digests and the supplementary information. 

Application Procedure

  • Students must submit a digest to the Conference according to the standard submission guidelines and deadlines as outlined under Digest  Submissions. DO NOT identify the digest as part of the student award competition in the text of the digest. The Conference digest submission  deadline is 11:59 PM ET on 10 January 2021.
  • Students should select "Apply" under Awards in Step 3 of the  submission process.  You must include the following supplemental  information:
    (1) PhD candidacy, the expected graduation date, IEEE member number, advisor name, advisor IEEE member number;
    (2) a one-page description of the motivation for the research, the significance of the research results, and the applicant's contribution to the work being presented;
    (3) a letter of support from the student's advisor.